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Part 2: How B2B Businesses Can Survive Post-Pandemic: Moving Forward to Success

B2B marketing is challenging. Now it’s time to up your game to survive and thrive…

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Part 1: How B2B Companies Can Survive Post-Pandemic: Where Are We Now and What Can We Do to Survive and Thrive?

B2B marketing is challenging, but now is a good time to start working on your…

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How Many Bloggers, Writers and Internet Marketers Are Breaking The Law?

The most successful people on platforms such as Medium, Vocal Media and News Break build…

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SCAM ALERT: COVID-19 Test Results Email

Using every opportunity that comes their way, scammers have, unsurprisingly, jumped on the COVID-19 bandwagon…

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The Days of Royalty-Free Images From Unsplash May Be Numbered

It’s already not news that Unsplash is being, or has been, acquired by Getty Images,…

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Why It’s Vital to Add FAQs to Your Website

or How to get pushed near the top of the search results for free Let's…

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Do Not Redesign A Successful Product (unless you really have to)

Lessons we can learn from the humble biro What’s the message here? When Larry Kim,…

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You're too old to use social media

You’re Too Old And Too Scared To Use Social Media For Your Business

Seven ways to kick-start social media Social media is very here, very now, and very…

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The relationship between Sales people and Marketing people is not unlike a game of football

The Difference Between Sales and Marketing

It’s not uncommon for tension to exist between the sales department and the marketing department,…

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Google's mobile first indexing

Google’s mobile-first indexing – what does it mean for your website?

Update from March 2021: Google changes the rules again From March 2021, Google has implemented a…

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How to get your business found online

How to get your website found online

It's among the world's most closely guarded secrets, accessible only to an elite group whose…

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Is it ever ok to use the F-word in a social media post?

Is it ever ok to use the ‘F’ word in a tweet or a post?

Generally speaking, there are two types of people; those who run a business (or some…

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The Zero Moment of Truth

The Zero Moment of Truth – are you keeping-up with how consumer buying habits change?

Consumer buying habits continue to change and, over the past few years, have done so…

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Running. Can It Really Be That Difficult?

Running may not be for everyone, but don’t be the judge of that until you’ve…

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Can Game of Thrones Help Make Us Better People?

Some surprisingly good life lessons For eight years, people raved about Game of Thrones. I…

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Mobile Phones and PDAs

Why is it still called a Mobile Phone?

Way back when the humble mobile phone began to offer more than just a way…

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The joy of language

English language – the joy of words

The English language is difficult enough to get to grips with without the added complication…

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Knowing your your from your you're

Knowing your your from your you’re

Knowing which is the correct spelling of a word is hugely complicated by words that…

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I think I keep forgetting, but I can't remember

I think I keep forgetting but I can’t remember

Have you ever wondered why it's so infuriatingly easy to forget the things you really…

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Love locks of Dubrovnik

Love Locks of Dubrovnik

Boninovo – a place of eternal love or the beginnings of an eyesore? Boninovo, a…

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