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Google's mobile first indexing

Google’s mobile-first indexing – what does it mean to your website?

As mobile phones evolved into smart phones, and faster internet connections via broadband and mobile…

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How to get your business found online

How to get your website found online

It's among the world's most closely guarded secrets, accessible only to an elite group whose…

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GDPR - The General data Protection Regulation

GDPR – what is it and what is the point?

When the internet was in its infancy the Data Protection Directive (1995) was adopted as…

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Is it ever ok to use the F-word in a social media post?

Is it ever ok to use the ‘F’ word in a tweet or a post?

Generally speaking, there are two types of people; those who run a business (or some…

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The difference between marketing and sales

The difference between Sales and Marketing

The phrase ‘sales and marketing’ is a highly recognisable and accepted part of our everyday…

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The Zero Moment of Truth

The Zero Moment of Truth – are you keeping-up with how consumer buying habits change?

Consumer buying habits continue to change and, over the past few years, have done so…

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Mobile Phones and PDAs

So just why is it still called a Mobile Phone?

Way back when the humble mobile phone began offering more than just a way of…

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The joy of language

English language – the joy of words

The English language is difficult enough yet, when spoken, we intuitively distinguish the difference between…

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Knowing your your from your you're

Knowing your your from your you’re

Knowing which is the correct spelling of a word is hugely complicated by words which…

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I think I keep forgetting, but I can't remember

I think I keep forgetting but I can’t remember

Have you ever wondered why it is so infuriatingly difficult to remember some things, especially…

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Love locks of Dubrovnik

Love Locks of Dubrovnik

Boninovo – a place of eternal love or the beginnings of an eyesore? Boninovo, a…

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