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Intelligent, Modern, B2B Marketing

Intelligent, Modern,
B2B Marketing

Working with you to help your business grow and prosper.

Successful marketing is a mixture of science, art, vision and courage, where the best possible outcome will be the result of creating a tailored solution that perfectly fits the individual needs of the business or organisation.

There are common elements between different marketing solutions, but their overall style and presentation combined with the language that’s unique to the individual business will vary considerably, and it’s finding this unique fusion that’s so vitally important.

There’s can be no one-size-fits-all solution in marketing, other than perhaps at a very basic level because no two businesses are the same, so how can a marketing solution be?

Who are you talking to?

One of the most significant challenges B2B companies face, regardless of their size, the products or services they sell, or the sector they operate within, is understanding how their audience perceives them, be they customers, members, or stakeholders.

The key question is; are you telling your customers (audience) what they want to hear, or what you want to say? Getting this wrong means your marketing content (website, advertising, newsletters, and so on) is just more noise, whereas getting it right is not only a conversation starter but can mean the difference between success and failure.

If this resonates with you, and the timing is right to make a positive step-change to your marketing, we’d likely be a good fit.

Four cornerstones of successful marketing


Why should we work together?

I provide objectivity, clarity, and insight to an established business or organisation on brand, messaging, and visibility, plus guidance and support on audience development, launching a new product or service or working towards achieving business growth plans.

It may be that you’re not completely clear on the best way to approach your target market, or perhaps don’t even fully understand who they are and what they need. Perhaps you need to better understand how your competitors might be negatively affecting your business. Or maybe you want to develop a unique offering that sets your company apart.

For more than twenty years I’ve enjoyed working closely with a wide range of ambitious companies, from helping to establish their brand, identity and position in the market, to transforming how they’re perceived on and offline, and streamlining how they operate, generating significant additional revenue as a result.

I can help you achieve results that will transform your business.

Below are some familiar key areas that may need addressing within your own organisation:

Marketing Snapshot & Audit

Customer Persona Development

Business Growth Plans

Strategic Planning

PR and Advertising

Website Development

Search Engine Optimisation

Lead Generation

Creative Marketing Collateral

Social Media

How we can work together:

To be flexible for your needs, I can operate as an objective advisor, creating a snapshot audit of your current position and providing help and guidance along the way, or work part-time as your Head of Marketing for individual projects or working together longer-term on multiple marketing campaigns.

Contact Me

Call me on: 07843 259166

Call me on:
07843 259166


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