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Marketing Performance Accelerator

Marketing is challenging.

It’s tricky enough for experienced marketing professionals to weave their magic and hit the sweet spot for a client, but business owners who go it alone face a real challenge with the multiple options of channels, platforms and technologies to get to grips with.

And what is the right solution? Well, that depends on whom you speak to – not necessarily because we each have different opinions or preferences, but because there’s no one-size-fits-all solution, and creating the right solution is a process, not a formula.

Successful marketing is a mixture of science, art, vision and courage. No two businesses are the same, so how can a marketing solution be?

What are you saying to your customers?

One of the most significant challenges faced by B2B companies in particular is understanding how their audience perceives them, be they customers, members, or stakeholders. And this is true regardless of the company’s size, the products or services they sell, or the sector in which they operate.

The key question for you to consider, is; are you telling your customers what they want to hear, or what you want to say? You may think there’s a subtle difference, but getting this wrong means your marketing content (website, advertising, newsletters, and so on) just becomes more noise, whereas getting it right is not only a conversation starter but can mean the difference between failure and success.

If this is beginning to resonate with you, and the timing is right for you to make a positive step-change to your marketing, we should probably talk. There will be some surprising things I can tell you about your marketing and your company, and it’s those we’ll focus on to start making your marketing work for you, not against you.

Four cornerstones of successful marketing:


How will your business benefit from a detailed Marketing Performance review?

For many clients my initial piece of work is to carry out a Marketing Performance Review. This is a thorough and detailed audit of every aspect of a company’s marketing activities across multiple platforms and channels.

The Marketing Review will review the client’s website, social media, paid advertising, email newsletters, articles, printed brochures and documents to create a snap-shot of where their marketing is now and how it is perceived by visitors.

Commonly found problems include website visual, technical and customer journey failures, poor or inconsistent messaging, misinformation, GDPR breaches, and so on. The results are compiled in a report together with recommendations for the best possible solutions my team and I can provide.

The results are frequently a complete eye-opener for the client and can often lead to frustration or  even anger as they realise the people trusted to get this all right are clearly not doing their job.

How we can work together

Meeting my clients face-to-face is important to me, as is, where possible, talking with people at all levels to understand the business drivers, goals and expectations as this helps establish a feeling for the business, its history and plans for the future.

The review itself is mostly carried out remotely as all I need is details of the website and social media accounts, plus access to newsletters and printed material.

I’m typically quite hands-on as I like to be involved and have first hand experience of ‘being’ the client.

However, I will also support my clients by operating as an objective advisor, creating a snapshot, detailed review of their current marketing position (if required) and then working together with trusted, experienced partners to provide creative solutions and new, fresh ideas that further enhance their marketing.

I would also consider being engaged on a part-time basis as the Head of Marketing for individual projects, or longer-term for multiple marketing campaigns.

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How can I help you?

If the time is right for you to rethink your approach to marketing, let's discuss how I can help you.

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