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Dubrovnik is the beautiful town on the edge of the Adriatic.

I travelled there on holiday on June 2013 and here’s a few images taken on on that trip.

[pe2-gallery album=”http://picasaweb.google.com/data/feed/base/user/101070957899802650239/albumid/5913121197372241089?alt=rss&hl=en_US&kind=photo” ]



  1. Michael Tremberth says:

    Dubrovnik, which lies on the Adriatic, is a port in southern Croatia. In Shakespeare’s time, as part of the Italian-speaking world, it was known as Ragusa, from which is derived the word argosy, a type of merchant ship, associated also with Venice, that is referred to in The Merchant of Venice. It is Antonio’s need for a loan to tide him over until his argosies return to port that is one of the main drivers of the plot.

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