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Pseudo-techie, marketing consultant, walker, blogger, photographer, my career has taken me through some interesting twists and turns and all with increasing use of technology. 

Originally I worked in communications, security and surveillance for the Metropolitan Police in London (UK), then moved-on to run my own full-service printing business providing design, graphics, page layout and stationery/brochure printing.

The Internet changed everything. Today we live in a world with no connection boundaries making the world a smaller, more accessible place for everyone both personally and in business. We each now have the tools and capability to research, create and become whatever, and whomever we choose, marketing ourselves and our businesses from wherever we want and at very little cost.

In 2006 I set-up a web-technology agency based in Surrey (UK) providing design, bespoke web-application development, marketing, training and support to around 200 clients mostly in the UK but also in Australia, Norway, Canada, the Seychelles, Barbados, North America, Iraq and Thailand. Fantastic client relations are everything to a business and having them know you are reliable, trustworthy and gunning for them is a prerequisite – and something I do extremely well.

My marketing, communications and business experience are currently being put to good use as Marketing Manager with a rapidly-growing national property security company.

Breaking-down the barriers to MarketingIndependently, I help small businesses create an impactful, professional, online presence.

I’m also authoring a book on breaking down the barriers to marketing. It’s shocking how few business owners make any real effort to understand the incredible opportunities there are to market their business online, often for free. This book will guide the non-marketing-oriented business owner through the maze of available Digital Marketing options, leaving them with complete clarity on what to do for their business.

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